What Is A Template?

A template is the design that will be used on the photo's for your event. The image to the left shows you an example of the template. 

We are able to create templates that have only 1 picture taken per guest session, 2 images, 3 images, or 4 images. The choice is yours! 

We have a wide variety of template's to choose from, with almost an unlimited ability to customize the template for your event. 

Each template will come with your custom message too! 

What Is A Guest Session?

Each time a guest walks up to the Photo Booth, they are having a  "Guest Session." 

Your guest can have unlimited "Guest Sessions" within the timeframe the booth is operating. 

So if you're smiling for the camera, you're in session! 

The amount of pictures taken at one time depends on you, the host. We can accommodate up to 4 pictures per session to fit on the template layout. 

What Size Is The Print-Out?

We can print your templates as a larger 4x6" print-out, or the photobooth standard 2x6" strip print-outs

What Props Do You Use?

We use a variety of fun props for your event. Props can vary from face masks to crazy wigs to the classic and oh-so-trendy moustache we've all come to love. 

If you have a themed event, we will arrange custom themed props for you to enjoy.*

*Prices and availability may vary, please discuss your needs with us

Can I Add A Scrapbook To My Package?

You bet!


Scrapbooks are fun and a great way to capture all of your guests images throughout the night. 

We always create an online gallery for your event, but this is a perfect way to walk away with something tangible from your guests. 

Our scrapbooks will be unique for your event, and always have room for your guests to leave you messages. We include all of the fun items you're used to with a scrapbook...pens, washi tape, and stickers/accents that your guests can have fun with. Each product is unique and personal for you, the host. 

*Image to the left does not reflect the exact scrapbook you will receive, each scrapbook is purchased just for you to reflect the intimate nature of your event

Are You Able To Take Corporate Headshots?


Each member of the organization can have up to 4 headshots taken. We will upload the pictures online for you to choose from.


Downloads of your original, high-quality images are completely free. 

Our vendor also has the ability to print your image onto marketing materials such as business cards, mouse pad, coffee mug, and much more! 


Opt to print out pictures on your own through your online gallery, or have us print them out and mail them to your business address. The choice is yours. 

Headshots can be used for online and local marketing. Perfect for realtors, insurance agents, and more! 

Contact us for availability and pricing. 

Do You Offer Payment Plans?

Yes, depending on when your event is at the time of booking, we have payment plans that can work for you.


Discuss your needs with us, and we will do our best to establish a payment plan that gives you room to breathe while you're planning your event. 

However, we do require the event to be paid in full a minimum of 1 week in advance. 

Why Are No Photobooth "Packages" Available On Saturdays?

We are a Shabbat-observant organization (Saturday is our Holy Day), therefore we do not service, or require any attendant to work for us, on Saturdays. 

We can still arrange for and accommodate DIY Booth, Event Planning Services, and plan technical details of your event, but will not be present for Saturday events. 

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